My client's feedback

Adam - Business Owner / Export


What did you get from your work together ?

The space to talk openly through problems without interruption or judgment. I went in looking for a quick fix to

get out of a rut and an ABC of how I should do this. 


What I left with after two sessions was better than answers, it was an understanding and self-awareness of what

was happening, why and how to effect the change I want to see. 

I also learned that “me time” is very important, and that this can take many shapes dependant on the individual.

Not just mindfulness, yoga and self-reflection ( my preconception of “me time”).. but can be as simple as taking

the dog for a walk, go to the gym or take some time to do a hobby that gives you pleasure. 


Would you recommend your coach and why ?

Yes I would, after this experience I can see the importance of having a space to talk things through to get under the skin of a problem or feeling to really understand where it comes from . 

These sessions helped me do that, with Nathalie asking why, how , when questions at the right time to take me further down a path.



Tanya - Regulatory Risk Manager - Financial Services Group


What did you get from your work together?

I have gained an understanding of the importance of reflecting on what we might think our preferences and motivations are; are we interpreting these correctly? Could we think something is important to us but actually the reality is slightly or very different? 


Would you recommend your coach and why?

Yes I would certainly recommend Nathalie because she was very professional but at the same time warm and

friendly which helped to facilitate the reflexion process and enabled me to make progress with better understanding my values and drivers.


Bringing a structured approach to each session so that it was clear what the goal was and also then setting some tasks to be completed between sessions to ensure I continued to think about the particular topics we had discussed which enabled me to fully benefit from the sessions; an understanding of the importance of retaining or refinding the creativity that we derive enjoyment from - too often this gets overlooked in day to day life and it's important to be reminded of the fulfilment this can bring



Michele - Senior Lecturer / Art & Design Education 


What did you get from our work together?

I felt that I was able to focus more clearly on some of the concerns that I had raised initially.

I was able to reflect after each session and to recognise developments taking place between sessions.

Talking through the issues raised helped to give form to concerns, presented a clear perspective and thus made

any concerns seem resolvable. I felt able to focus more clearly on my objectives and to look at how to achieve them.


Would you recommend your coach and why ?

Yes. Nathalie is very patient and listens attentively. It is very refreshing to feel able to talk to someone who is listening without interjecting. She is very calm and makes clear and relevant notes, which she uses to clearly report back on at the end of each session. She has been most accommodating about arranging convenient meeting times and has arranged our meetings to suit my schedule.




Tamara - Economist / Local Government 


What did you get from our work together?

The coaching sessions helped me to clarify my goals and organise myself in order to get them. 

Also, every session helped me to better understand my next steps in order to get my goals which was to get back

to work after a career break of seven years. 



Would you recommend your coach and why ?

Yes definitely, Nathalie has been really helpful in the job hunting process;  improving and shaping my CV, highlighting my strengths and skills, rehearsing before the job interviews so I felt more confident going for it. 

She also goes straight to the point and is very empathetic. She asks really good questions to help you to move forward. It has been a great experience. I can really see Nathalie helping more people to get back on track. 

I have been able to find a full-time job after 6 months.




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