I have been working in the corporate environment for more than 20 years in advertising and recently in the digital industry. I am driven and committed and have always been praised for that.

Moreover I am very well structured and able to clarify right away what needs to be done. I am also a big advocate of creativity which I use everyday in the way I approach things.


I am French from Paris and have been expatriated for 12 years now. I lived in Chicago a few years ago where I discovered acrylic painting and fell in love with it quite immediately. It has became a true passion and I have been cultivating it since then, exploring different techniques and style.

When I paint or draw I feel I am in the flow. I feel I am complete and aligned with myself. I feel the same way when I coach because it feels genuine and aligned with my values. It brings me joy and fulfillement.


I have settled in London with my family. Because I have moved so much for the last 12 years I had to pivot many times and changed jobs and career from Sales in Creative Agency to Marketing in AdTech.


I have met with tons of different professionals, businesses and have gone for a dozen of job interviews as well. I know what it takes to prep and to show up in front of managers, HR, CEO ’s or clients. I have always bounced back on my feet and found the right opportunity to work or collaborate on exciting projects.

I am always up for a new challenge even though it means to step out of my comfort zone.


I have learned a lot along the way and becoming a Transformational Coach has shown me that almost everything is possible if you are determined to change. I am passionate about helping individuals transform their life and adopt the growth mindset. "Haha" moment happens during the coaching program and is part of the transformation journey you embark on.  


Change happens within conversation. If it was easy to change by yourself it would suffice to just open a self-development book. There is plenty on the library shelves. Working with a Coach helps you to move forward.






I have mainly coached women and men around their careers which is the primarily reason why they come to me. Most of the time we slip to life coaching because above all things we are human beings with our emotions, self-doubt and resistance to change.


Would you say you like change ? Yes certainly if it's a positive one but what if it brings challenges? 

You want to first understand why you do what you do before you can move forward and achieve success whatever it means for you.


My clients describe me as very supportive, caring and deeply engaged.

I am determined to help you to succeed, all you have to do is to be committed to the coaching program. Start to take small steps and your life will unfold. 


All conversation are 100% confidential, open, kind and without any judgment so you can freely explore and go as deep as you want without being interrupted in your train of thoughts. It is your time and space to explore a new world of possibilities.





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Qualified on the Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching with Animas Centre for Coaching, the Leader In Transformational Coach Training - Internationally Approved. ICF & AC Accredited.

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